Introduction: PlayDoh Egg Toy Surprise Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, Captain America

Make superheroes out of playdoh

Step 1: What You Will Need:

lots of playdoh in the following colors:

red, black, white, green, tan(beige) or peach, purple, and blue

4 plastic easter eggs any color

For Captian America: cover entire plastic egg with the blue playdoh, with the red playdoh cute out a circle. Then make a blue cirlcle. Finally make a star and place on top of the blue circle only.

For Batman: Cover entire egg with black playdoh, then make a big circle with the beige playdoh and cut it in half place is at the half botton portion of the egg. the make small cirlces for the eyes using the white playdoh. Finally make the ears and nose out of black playdoh cut them into triangles.

Hulk: cover entire egg with green playdoh. cute out purple feet. make a white circle for the mouth and use black palydoh for the teeth. Then use white for the eyes and a black smaller circle for the center of the eye. use black for the hair and eyebrows.

Spiderman: cover entire egg with red playdo. using black playdoh make lines and create a spider web on the entire egg. finally with black playdoh make the eyes and white on top of them.

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