Introduction: Playing Games Planking on a Balance Board

Today I came across the Stealth Core Trainer which comes with phone games you play doing core exercises like planks, and it occurred to me that the same games could work on my balance board. And they do! Two of their games are free: if you like them, I encourage you to support them by buying some paid ones.

I used my balance board (I have an Instructable for a partly 3D-printed one) which has grippy skateboard tape on it. The only other ingredient I needed was a piece of foam flooring to put on the board for comfort and my smartphone (Android and iPhone should both work). The make took five minutes of work.

And the result is that today I was able to plank longer than before. There is research that video games can distract one from pain. And boredom saps endurance.

I have no connection with the Stealth Core Trainer people, but I expect they have a very nice product, although it's too expensive for me.

Step 1: Trace and Cut

Trace out your balance board on a piece of foam flooring or a worn-out yoga mat. You don't need to cover all of the board.

Cut it out with scissors.

Step 2: Cut Slot

Before cutting a slot for the phone, install the Stealth Fitness app (Android or iPhone). It has two free games and you can add more. Place the foam on the balance board (the grip tape--if installed on the board--will hold it in place: no need to glue it), place the phone in a central location, and try the game while planking. Title the board with your body to control the game. If your board has adjustable height, like mine does, then adjust it to maximum height for maximum tilt control.

Once you've figured out where you like the phone on the board, cut a slot for it.

Step 3: Timing

If your phone is Android, and gaming isn't your thing, you can download my free Balance Timer app (source here) to time your planks and other exercises without touching your phone. To start the timer, just straighten the board and to stop it, let it tilt to one side (getting off the board should do that due to the off-center weight of the phone).

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