Playing Videos With L32D400 Samsung TV

Introduction: Playing Videos With L32D400 Samsung TV


Last weekends I’ve played with my Raspberry PI and looked
for descriptions to switch on/off the TV through HDMI using CEC technology. Unfortunately our Samsung TV is not provided CEC so had to give up my project but during reading forums I found a very interesting feature of Samsung TV.

Step 1: Preparation

On our Samsung TV (model type: LE32D400) the function to play videos
is denied but only in software way. So when you get into the menu you can not see any icon to play videos. I’ve just set the type of TV to LD451 in service menu and voila I can play the video files. How to do it: turn off the TV in stand by and with the key sequence INFO + MENU + MUTE + STANDBY + OK (from remote in quite fast order) to get in the service menu to change the parameter MODEL to LD451. Now press RETURN key (from remote) and turn off the TV again.

Step 2: Play Videos From Now

Press on CONTENT (from remote) or just put a pendrive in USB
contains e.g. avi files it’s automatically come up the possible of playing videos. I’ve tested the media player only with AVI and MVK files they are just working fine. Tried to play videos with subtitles SRT and SUB but the media player could not played them. The media player can do the ordinary functions (search forward and backward, stop, pause and jump to exact time). But after jumping to exact time or searching forward there is sometime lagging at playing or the sound going away for some seconds. It may occur by weak buffering so I do not recommend to use search function but otherwise the media player is really useful.

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    4 years ago

    Hi !

    This guide resolve the problem, however, you say the player can do ordinary functions (search forward and backward, stop, pause and jump to exact time)

    It's not true, you can't pause the vidéo, it's a real problem....