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Introduction: Grill Place Afterlife


I always wanted to have a grill place in my garden. A classic one made from stones that I can simple find in my environment. In addition to make foods outside in fire which is fun sitting around the fire with family and just staring the middle of the fire and flames for long minutes is very restful. It's a good common place for friend and birthday parties. To make activities with firing woods in safety frames is obviously fun for the member of men and children in a family.
The uncomfortable part of the activities is in general the post doings like collecting the burned wood pieces and let's call the cleaning stuffs. In a not too giant garden where there is no such a hidden corner like ours I do not like the view of the black wood pieces and kind of big black dollop. In addition I don't like leave the half hot and steamy charcoals in the grill place.

Step 1: Collect Burned Wood

To vanishing the black view as first step we collect the burned stuffs as rubbish from the grill place

Step 2: Cover With Gravels

And as second step we cover the inner layout of grill place with medium sized gravels.

Voila, the grill looks again good and fits to his natural environments. On the pictures you can see that the type of the stones on the edge and the inner gravels are same, so it looks pretty again! I have used white stones and gravels.

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    5 years ago

    Hi Mrsmerwin! I always put the same gravels back to grill after the fire. It's not a big deal to collect the gravels with glove and small vane into a bucket before putting the wood on grill place.


    5 years ago

    Do you clean the gravel out for the next fire or do you start the next fire over top of it? It seems like a lot of work to remove it but if you build a fire on top of it, you will be removing it afterwards anyway. Maybe, you could put in a canvas mat that would let you lift the gravel out easily. Then you could reuse the gravel.