Introduction: Playstation Paint & 2nd Led Mod

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Tools needed:

Safety glasses

soldering iron

hot glue gun

philips screwdriver



electrical tape

drill & bit

rubbing alcohol

paper towels

Materials needed:

blue led (2-3 volt rating)


100 ohm 1/4 watt resistor

Step 1: Disassemble Playstation

Using philips screwdriver remove 5 screws on bottom of playstation. This is a 1996 model scph 1001 console so your's might be different but very similar.

Step 2: Remove All Buttons & Lid From Top Case.

Using your philips screwdriver remove all the various components inside the upper section of the case. Remove all the buttons by squeezing in on the tabs and pushing them out with your finger or screwdriver.

Step 3: Clean & Mask Off Components.

Use rubbing alcohol & paper towels to thoroughly clean off all the pieces & mask off all the button locations and lid gears so as they will work smoothly after painting. Mask off all the port identification letters & numbers as well as the lid logo & sony lettering. Drill the hole in the case where you want to place the led you will be adding being sure to clean any shavings off with a small knife. Apply several light coats of spray paint allowing 2 or 3 minutes of dry time between each coat. Then apply a couple of coats of clear within 1 hour of final coat of paint. The clear will make the paint much more resistant to scratches which is important when reinstalling the buttons later on.

Step 4: Locate the Power Supply.

Be extremely careful because I've read of people getting severely shocked on the playstation. Anyone who is considering this mod needs to have some electrical knowledge otherwise don't attempt. It's not worth getting hurt or burning your house down. The power supply is on the left side of the console when facing the front. Depending on your model # they do differ. This being an early one has 7 pin connector running to motherboard but later ones have 5. On this 7 pin model I located a ground as being pin #2 & there are two 3.5 volt pins one of which is always hot and 1 that is hot when power button is on. I found this out after first wiring to the 3rd pin & after plugging up console the blue led lit without the power button on. Since I did not want this I used the other 3.5 volt pin #5. Remove 2 screws at back where power cable plugs in & toward the front is a small tab you can push over with your finger to tilt the power supply unit out. I soldered a 100 ohm 1/4 resistor to pin #5 and the positive leg of led (long leg or by looking inside the bulb the positive is the smaller mass of metal) to other end of resistor (add whatever length of wire you need between resistor and led leg). Then solder the negative leg of led to the ground #2 pin in my case & add whatever length of wire needed. I've added a pinout chart I found online showing the 5 and 7 pin power supply units for the different models of the original playstations. You can also use a multimeter set to dc 20 volts to check the pins because these might differ & multimeter don't lie just be very careful. Once you get everything soldered be sure the power supply is positioned to where nothing is tipping metal & look close at your soldering to make sure each solder spot is isolated & none is touching other joints. Plug in & power on to make sure your led is working. Once confirmed working test fit the led into hole you drilled & make sure the wires will reach without getting in the way of the power buttons or any other buttons by setting the case in place. If everything fits go ahead and hot glue all your solder joints & you can even use some electrical tape for extra safety helping prevent a possible short. Hot glue the led in place & in the case of my led it was so bright I added a piece of plastic over it to spread the light & make it appear dimmer. Remove all masking tape & carefully reinstall all buttons slight squeezing in the tabs to help keep from scratching the paint. Before screwing the case back together plug it in and make sure it powers on & that you led is still working.

Step 5: Game On!

Enjoy your unique playstation.