Introduction: Plexiglass Shelving Solution for Under $20!

So recently I found myself needing more shelves for my collection of figures. I wanted something low profile and kind of modern looking, so I could maximize the amount of shelves I put up. I was also interested in plexiglass shelves so you could see the figures from any angle. But alas, after days of searching I was only able to find slatwall shelves or shelves that cost $10 a piece! Not only that, they only came in one size.

Needless to say, I didn't want to pay that much for a sheet of bent plexiglass, so I decided to make my own. The materials used were all bought from Lowes* for around $20 total. I got 4 shelves out of this, 2 6"x12" and 2 6"x18", but you can make whatever size you want! These shelves in my opinion are very conservative and modern looking. I hope you enjoy!

*You can get everything at Home Depot, but I don't think they have a plexiglass cutter so you'll have to do it yourself.

Step 1: Materials

As I said before, all materials here were purchased and Lowes for around $20.

*Plexiglass - 4 shelves for $6
*Nuts and Bolts - $1
*Drill bit - Already had, but probably $2
*Bracket - 4 for $4
*Drill - There's no reason you should have one of these ;P
*(Optional) Level - $3 Not necessary if you trust your eyes.
*(Optional) Drywall Anchors - Only necessary if you are drilling without a stud. I needed these.

Step 2: Measure Out Your Shelf

Here you want to measure out where you're going to put the bracket. For the small sheets I put the brackets 1" from each side, for the bigger ones 2".

Step 3: Place and Drill Hole

Place the bracket on your increment and line it up straight. Make sure it's not crooked or the shelf won't lie flat against the wall. After making sure that the bracket is lined up straight, drill holes through the slots on both sides. Check and make sure the hole is big enough for the bolts, if it's not, you have the wrong sized bolts or the wrong size drill. You can go ahead and do the other side at this point, but I always waited until I finished step 4 for this side first.

Step 4: Install Nuts & Bolts

Line the bracket up with the holes and insert the bolt. Top down or bottoms up, it doesn't really matter. I chose top down so the bottom wouldn't still out. Screw on the nut tightly and repeat for all four holes (heh). After doing this you should be able to tell that this is a shelf. Prepare to complete the final step!

Step 5: Screw It Into the Wall!

This is the most important step! If you lined up your brackets correctly, the shelf should lie flat against the wall. Make sure that it's level, then screw it in place. If you need the drywall anchors, follow the instructions on the package. Tug on the shelf a little to insure that it's sturdy, then step back, wipe your forehead, and nod your head. Now put your crap on it and enjoy!