Introduction: Make Your Very Own Pencil Tube!

Make your very own fantastical Pencil Tube! I, being a high school student, am one of those people that can not hold onto a writing utensil for more than two classes. However, under the guidance of the deity-esque Pencil Tube I was able to go for an entire month without losing a single pencil. However, some largely proportioned jerk decided to sit on my majestic pencil tube, snapping it into pieces. So I decided to make a new one, and an instructable to go with it!

This is my first instructable so do enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

-A Street Address
You need a street address for the nice people at ClearTec to deliver for free sample of plastic mailing tubes.

For insertion into the pencil recepticle.

For making the incision in the pencil tube cap.

Step 2: Order Your Tubes

To make a pencil tube, you need a tube of course. I got mine as free samples from the chaps over at ClearTec. You can specify the dimensions that you want. I went with 1 1/2" diameter and 9" in length. I thought it would be wider, but that was because I didn't check a ruler for reference. (Doh) However, that was only because I wanted a really wide one for medical pens. 1 1/2" should be perfect for normal pens and pencils, as you can see.

The tubes should come in a week or two. Mine came in a nice box with a letter from the sales rep.

Step 3: Assemble the Tubes

Snap the top onto the tube. Watch for shrapnel.

Step 4: Make the Incision.

Using your knife or razor, make an incision across the top of the cap you just snapped on. It should extend from one side to the other, leaving a few millimeters of clearance.

Step 5: Insert Writing Utensils

Pop the cap back off and insert your pens, pencils or what-have-you.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Outstanding Pencil Tube!

Snap the cap back on and enjoy hours of fun with your new Pencil Tube!

To operate the Pencil Tube simply put your thumb and forefinger on opposite sides of the end of the cap, adjacent to the edges of the cut, and squeeze. This will open a recess in the hole, allowing the instruments of calligraphic nature to slide out. Simply do the previous step and hold the tube in a downward facing position to fool silly gravity into doing your dirty work Tom Sawyer style.

Hope you enjoyed this journey through the magnificent Pencil Tube creation process.