Introduction: Pluot-Passion Fruit Frozen Yogurt Treats

This is a three-ingredient frozen treat that requires no fancy equipment and is relatively healthful.
We have a pluot tree that produces an abundance of fruit. Even after giving away a lot of them we still have plenty for ourselves, however, there is only so much we can eat! I usually dry the surplus but wanted to try something new. When I noticed a bunch of little orange eggs hanging from my Blue Crown passion fruit vine, I decided it was time!



Pluots or Plums (very ripe): 2 to 3 large, 4 - 5 small

Passion Fruit: 1 large, 3 - 4 if smaller (I used 4 Blue Crown)

Sugar: To taste, not required if using pluots and one of the sweet varieties of passion fruit

Salt: Also to taste, and again, not required if using pluots with one of the sweet varieties of passion fruit

Whole milk yogurt or Greek yogurt: 2 - 3 tablespoons


Potato masher

Ice tray, marzipan mold or anything that can go in the freezer (I re-used the trays that Mochi ice cream came in)

Step 1:

This is super simple!

1) Cut the fruit and remove the seed, then chop it up into small pieces

You may remove the skin, if you so wish - I did not.

2) Cut open the passion fruit and scrape the contents into the pluots/plums

3) Add yogurt then use the potato masher to mash up all the fruit and mix in the yogurt

Since the fruit is very ripe this is really easy… You don’t need a blender for this unless you are making a large amount

4) Taste the mixture and decide whether you need sugar and salt to counter the tartness

Pluots tend to be very sweet with a hint tartness and if you remove the skins, it all but disappears. So there is no need for either sugar or salt. Plums are also sweet but they can be quite tart. Here too, you can reduce the tartness by removing the skins.

With either of these fruits, you should not need sugar but you might need a dash of salt. Do not add too much as you wouldn’t want to eliminate the tartness entirely

Sweet Granadilla or Blue Crown fruit need neither sugar nor salt but any other type of passion fruit will call for some sugar and a pinch of salt

5) Scoop the mixture into your ice tray or mold and freeze until set


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