Introduction: Pluto Drone

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Hi guys!! I am Vedaansh Verdhan. And today i am going to show you how to make a Pluto Drone.This drone is mobile controlled. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Components Required :-

You can either buy the kit as a whole or buy parts separately off the internet.

KIT LINK :----

Parts :----

  1. Chasis
  2. Flight Controller (Primus v4)
  3. Motors
  4. Propellers
  5. Battery

Step 2: Assembling the Drone:-

  1. Firstly assemble the chasis, if it is pre - installed then relax or follow the steps to assemble.
  2. Then put the motors in. Make sure they are tightly fit.
  3. Next, install the Flight Controller (Primus V4) with the desired place and with given screws. Make sure to identify the front of the controlled. There will be Wifi module at front.
  4. Then put the wires of motors in intended place and make them clean by tucking them at back of the drone.
  5. Put the battery at the back of the drone and connect the connecter of battery to Flight Controller.
  6. Caution :---- Don't put the propellers first for safety purpose.
  7. Next flip the switch . You will see a Static Red LED light and a colour changing LED light.
  8. Finally put the propellers. You will see 2 types of propellers :- A & B. If you order them separetely then most probaly they will be in different colours OR if you order the kit , the propellers are labelled.

Step 3: Android App :--

Go to google play store or apple store and search Pluto Controller. There will be app by Drona Aviation. Download the app and run it.

Step 4: Callibration :---

  1. Switch on the drone and keep it on a flat surface
  2. Open the app Agree and login to all steps.
  3. Connect the drone to your phone through Wifi . You can find the password on box or with Flight Controller.
  4. Then you will see menu button on top left side
  5. Menu<Drone Settings<Accelerometer Calibration
  6. Keep the drone on flat surface and click on Acc. Calibration button on right. Don't move the drone.
  7. When Acc. Calibration is completed. Go to Magnetometer Calibration.
  8. Click on Mag. Calibration and rotate the done in all directions.
  9. When it is completed then you are set to fly you drone.

Step 5: Flying Your Drone:--

CAUTION :--- Fly the drone in open space to avoid accidents.

Switch on Drone and connect to your Mobile. The left joystick is for throttle (UP and DOWN) and the right joystick is for direction. And you have successfully created your own Mobile Controlled Drone.