Introduction: Plywood Marble Maze

This maze took me about a week to make but I only spent 45 minutes to an hour on it every day. It requires minimal tools and skill to make. It's around 106 degrees in the afternoon so I work on it in the mornings and evenings with 10 ice cubes in a bottle of water.


  1. Spray and hand paints depending on the aesthetic you want. I did blue and black spray paint and yellow and ghost colors for a Pacman themed maze
  2. Screws and drill
  3. Plywood, some 2-cm by 2-inch boards, and scrap 2 x 4s
  4. Saw. All of mine was done with a hand saw because I'm still a minor, so you should be able to do it all with that.

Step 1: Cut the Wood for the Frame and Assemble

Cut two pieces the same size out of plywood, mine were 1 x 2 ft. Cut a rectangular hole that you can stick your hand through in one of them, on the small side. Cut two one inch wide strips of plywood the same length as the plywood boards I have most of the wood you need for this step in the picture. Cut 4 by the width of the plywood board size out of plywood. Cut the two scrap 2x4 rectangles diagonally and place them in sets in the corners and on the sides along with square back corners, then screw everything in as shown. Spray paint now.

Step 2: Make the Maze

Take the 2-cm x 2-inch wood and make a maze by screwing them in through the bottom of the plywood that has the hand-sized hole in it. Make a rim around the hole to keep the marbles from falling through immediately after you put the ball on. After that is done, drill holes slightly bigger than the marbles you're using in the most frustrating places you can. I put a pic of the grid I used up top. Spray paint this part now.

Step 3: Attach and Finish the Pieces

Screw the frame to the maze with the hand-sized hole at the front and paint where you want to paint with hand paints. I did ghosts for the holes and pixels with blue walls. If you want to you can add handles, I added grooves in the sides to hold but for this step, you can do whatever you want.

Step 4: Afterword

Thanks for taking the time to look at this I'm going to be an entry in the puzzle contest so please vote for me if you like this:). I had fun making this and I hope that you do too. (^人^)

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