Introduction: Duct Tape Dispenser Diy

This is a handy duct tape dispenser that I made out of scrap wood and a rod that was lying around. This is a was made out of stuff lying around and the only power tool used was a drill. This is my first instructable I have done and because I just turned 11 I had to use my moms phone for the pics, so yeah enjoy!


- One 9"-11" threaded rod (or however big you want it)

- Two 2 x 4's cut to the size you want I used 11'' but you could adjust it (I will refer to these as Boards A and B)

- Two 2 x 4, 2'' shorter than your rod (I will refer to these as Boards C and D)

- Duct Tape!

- Drill bit as wide as your rod

- Screws that will go through your 2 x 4's at least 6 and bit (I used 3'' hex star screws)

- The sharp piece of metal the comes on foil boxes or similar sharp-edge that can cut Duct tape and be stapled through

- Staple gun

Step 1: Prepare the Wood

Take board C and lay it flat on a table or bench, then take Boards A and B and lay them like in pic 3, and screw on A to C. Flip it on to A's side for the next step.

Step 2: Add the Rod

Drill a hole for the rod and screw it in half an inch or so on Board A making sure that your duct tape roll fits on where the rod will go you'll know what I mean when you make it.

Step 3: Add the Other Side

Screw boards D and B in so that it has rotational symmetry but you can change the back depending on where you are to mount it I left the back out because I have a mount perfect for it that will work better without the back. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE DUCT TAPE IN AND IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BEFORE YOU ATTACH THE OTHER SIDE.

Step 4: The Sharp-edge

This is a tricky-ish step you will need to staple the sharp-edge to the front on the very top. You may need to clamp it or get an extra hand. I had to hammer some of the staples in farther because the metal slowed down the force of the staples.

Step 5: Thanks

Thank you for reading this I'm entering this in the tape and glue contest so if you could vote for me it would be great. You could make this fancier or add different types of tape or multiple rolls if you wanted to. As a reminder I am a kid and this is my first instructable so their might be typos or errors. Thanks

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