Introduction: Pocket Multi Tool on a Keychain

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I'm a student technician at a community college. Part of my job involves troubleshooting hardware. Sometimes I need to fix the problem quickly and don't have the tools on hand. This lengthens downtime, as I have to go get tools. Also, it wastes valuable class time. One day, I decided I needed to carry at minimum a screwdriver with Phillips and Flathead bits or ends. I looked around the internet and found some products, but I was still not able to carry them on a keychain. also, I did not want to have multiple full sized screwdrivers in my pocket all day. I resolved to make a pocket friendly tool on the cheap (note: I don't make much). My solution only cost me about $2.75. Not including the stuff I had laying around.

List of Items:
1x  multi tool screw driver from Dur Tree - $1.08
1x 10 piece sandpaper from Dur tree - $1.08
1x cheap mechanical pencil with grip - had laying around $0
1x cheap dry highlighter probable from Dur Tree - had laying around $0 
2x hardened steal multi tool bits - I had these laying around but they can be found for about $0.30 cents each at a hardware store.

if you did not have all what I had laying around it might cost about 5 dollars (still cheap) or about $3.35 if you didn't have the bits.
I also used a key chain pill holder I had laying around to store the extra bit. 

I just simply broke the handle of the multi tool. I only kept the top of the tool. then, I used some sand paper to rough up the sides of the part that I kept. after some sanding, I slipped the grip off a mechanical pencil and onto the end of the tool. After witch, I took apart a dry highlighter keeping only the body and cap. I cut off about a 1" sized piece of the body and slipped that onto the tool above the grip. Now, the cap should easily fit over the tool with a bit in the slot. In a nut shell, that's how I made my pocket multi tool (on a keychain)

Q: What did I do with the other bits that came with the dollar tree multi tool?
A: in short, I tossed them. I found the bits to be not worth using since they strip out after one to two uses.

Q: What makes this on a keychain?
A: I put some string though the top of the cap.

Q: Why is this not a step by step ible?
A: Most things I make are "on the fly." also I forget to take pictures while i'm making the item.

That's all! If there are any questions please put them in the comments below. 

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