Introduction: Pocket Pick

Getting locked out is always a pain, so why spend money on a locksmith when you have the tools to pick any lock right in your pocket! Consisting of a tension wrench, a pick and rake, and housing; This is one of the easiest DIY lock picking tools. This is the Pocket Pick.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Every part of this kit is made with a 3D printer, so you will need access to one to print these pieces.
  • A paper clip (optional).
  • A lock to pick.

Step 2: Print the Pieces.

Download the file attached, and after you have selected what parts you want to print you want to make sure that each piece has the right settings. Unfortunately this means that some pieces need to be printed separately, most slicer programs will allow you to do that. The pieces should be printed in PLA due to the fact that this tool shouldn't be used on a daily basis. Unless you plan on using this tool for more than a single use you shouldn't print this in ABS.

NOTE: the most important thing to keep in mind is the amount of infill each piece needs. The pick and rake need to be 100% filled, this is because they are super thin and can bend and break easily if not fully filled. The tension wrench (yellow piece) can be printed with 80% - 100%. This also requires support material to make. The housing for the tension wrench can be set at a much lower infill, 25% - 30% is more than enough.

Step 3: Assemble the Kit!

After the pieces have been printed, it's time to assemble the kit!

It should be noted that some pieces may need to be sanded lightly before being put together / used.

  • Take the ring for the housing and the tension wrench.
    • Put the ring in between the tension wrench and slide both pieces onto the housing.
  • The ring has a notch in it so be sure to align it with the hole in the housing and turn the ring clockwise so it locks in place.

This is super simple to assemble and if a part were to break they can be replaced thanks to the removable ring.

Step 4: Pick the Lock

So now is the time you've been waiting for, picking a lock. The way to use this tool is very simple.

  • First: Stick the end of the tension wrench into the bottom of the lock.

Now it is recommended that you use something other than the picks provided, they are supposed to be used in case you don't have anything else.

  • Second: If you have a paper clip or hair pin, bend it into a shape similar to the standard pick.
  • Third: you can put the pick (or paperclip) through the hole going through the center of the housing and try to pick the pins, keep applying gently pressure on the tension wrench handle and eventually the lock should open.

Congratulations! You have just made and picked a lock with the Pocket Pick!

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