Introduction: Pocket Pistol Magazine Holder

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I have been looking for a pistol magazine holster. I have been pocket carrying my spare magazine, but there are a few drawbacks to that; you shouldn't carry anything else in that pocket(not a problem for me), if you do have anything else in your pocket it will get in the way. Also there can be lint and other pocket grime that can get into your pistol magazine. I really don't like having anything on my belt, and have had used a old pouch phone case set horizontally but it's too large for one magazine and if I put two in it the second one would fall out when I withdrew the first, not good. So I went on a search I found 2 options for Pocket carry, but at $40 for either one, I kept thinking of ideas.
Now this holster will hold my magazine in place, will not add much bulk, aids in easy access to magazine and it looks like I just have a phone in my pocket. I normally just carry my phone in my right pocket(not in any case) and the pistol magazine in left. And as always be legal in your actions.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

You will need the following, this was stuff I had in the house.
1- Old holster style phone case
2- Strong magnet, this is one from a old hard drive, but a neonatium magnet from hobby store would work well.
3- Glue, I used JB weld, I had it and figured it would work better than Superglue.
4- The pistol magazine you are going to use. Bullets to fill your magazine.

Step 2: Checking Magnet.

Now with your pistol magazine full as you would normally carry it, make sure the magnet will hold the magazine.
Then either remove bullets and put them away or grab a empty magazine.

Step 3: Fit the Magazine for Magnet Location

Decide where you want the magnet, I put mine just below the middle of the phone case.

Step 4: Attach Magnet.

Mix upsome of your JB weld, it does have metal in it, it was kind of cool watching it climb around the magnet.
Either apply to magnet or right to case, make sure both parts are clean so everything sticks well. Then place into location you want, smooth and clean the excess the best you can, let it sit per package directions. 24 hours. MAKE SURE YOU SCUFF UP CASE SO JB WILL STICK TO THE PLASTIC.

Step 5: Carrying It.

The JB set up and the magazine stays in place, here are a few picks, of what it looks like. It holds the magazine in place and looks like a phone case.

Step 6: Conclusions and Thoughts.

Well I do think I will make 1.5 version with these few changes
1. longer case, just because my mag is a little longer than the case.
2. I think I will add 2 plastic guides to keep the magazine at the same angle and keep it from moving around, it is not too bad now but it is a easy fix, Probably will add them to this version might just add a small kydex strip at bottom.
Well thanks for reading, and be safe out there.
So after a while practicing my draw on the magazine the magnet came off, so I went through and did some more mods,
1. scuffed up the phone case to get more grip for JB weld to stick.
2. Heated up phone case and molded the wings that were already on case to keep pistol magazine from moving.