Introduction: Pocket Size Travel Cleaning Kit

here i show a guidelines about how to made a compact travel cleaning kit with which you can shower ,shave, clean your teeths and also put handsome !

Step 1: Were to Put All Together

i found this little, compact and strong bag in a place full of abandoned things but you can get one from any flea market where if you searching carefully among all the things you can find something that fit your needs

Step 2: All the Things You Can Put In, and More If You Need

basc stuff:a shower towel, a multitool razor (added ), deodorant, desinfectant gel, razor, little toothpaste and refillable bottle with gel and a comb added afterwards even i dont use it often , has a little size (aprox 12 cm ) and a useful little hook

obviously you can remove or add more things as you needed

i havent put a toothbrush because the one i have was damaged , but in the mexico´s subway the ambulant sellers can sell you a foldable toothbrush and the paste for half a dollar

Step 3: Characteristics

the multitool both sides, shouldnt be here but fits in the package and a little bottle with sanitizer gel , 60 ml size

Step 4: More Things

the mini toothpaste (20 grams size ) the one you can buy in mexico city subway
i like a smaller size of the green bottle but just can get this ( for the moment ) , a 3 oz size filled with hair gel. to do this just put the gel on a bag, cut a little tip of it and squeeze into the bottle mouth as a funnel

the shaver is a common type. nothing much to say about it

Step 5: Last Items

the small size deodorant and last but not least , aspirins ! maybe they shouldn't be here but there is room for them

Step 6: So Interesting... But How to Make Fit All Things ?

well i put the larger things at back, medium size items at the middle of the bag and the smaller at front .
of course you can accommodate in other way so all the bag is as compact as possible

any comments are appreciated , and also sugestions to made a 2.0 kit version !

thanks for see my instructable i like to know if this was useful to you, and seeing a photo of your version if you build it . please vote it on the pocket size contest

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