Introduction: Poké Ball Sequins Ornaments

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I've been wanting to do Poké Ball sequins ornaments since I was shown a collection of them last year. I decided to stick with the standard Pokémon Poké Ball for this year. Here is my tutorial for how to put them together.

Step 1: Supplies


For Hanging:

Step 2: Button

Start by drawing a line as straight as you can around the ball.

I started by doing the white center button. It is made out of a circle of 6 sequins with one in the center.

Next, outline the white with black and keep it as circular as possible. Put the black sequins under the white.

Step 3: Black Band

(When I first did the black band, I did it with two rows of black, but I decided that was too wide. So, I undid it and changed it to a single row.)

Once you have the button done, you can outline the top of the button in red and the bottom in white. Leave a spot on each side of the button (along the black line you drew on the ball) for the black band. Before putting on the black line, outline the top of it with red and the bottom with white all around the ball.

Now fill in the black line.

Step 4: Fill in the Top and Bottom

This part is easy-peasy.

Fill in the rest of the bottom with white. Then, fill in the top with red, but leave one spot on top for the final sequins that will hold the ribbon in place.

Step 5: Attach Ribbon

Time to attach the ribbon. I cut and fray checked the ribbon first.

Gluing time.

  1. Start by putting a dab of glue in the empty spot on top of the ball.
  2. Put the ribbon on the empty spot (make sure the ribbon will go perpendicular to the front of the ball so that when you hang it up, the button is in front).
  3. Put a dab of glue on the ribbon you just put in place.
  4. Put the other end of the ribbon on that dab of glue (you should have a loop now).
  5. Stick the final sequins in place on the ribbon.
  6. Put a bead on a pin and stick that through the sequins and ribbons.

Let it sit overnight to dry.

Step 6: That's It. You're Done.

Hang them up :)

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