Pokemon Card Wall Decoration




Introduction: Pokemon Card Wall Decoration

i love penguins waffles and jedward : D

I used to LOVE Pokemon and bought tons of cards but now I found myself staring at this Huge tin of cards and I have nothing to do with them but I didn't want to throw them out so I made this was decoration.i got the idea for this when I flicked through my cards picking out the cute ones and thought it would be nice to have a cute Pokemon on my wall so I picked out on checked the type and designed a border like that type which was grass for mine.its really easy to make without anything expensive.

Step 1: Supply's

-cardboard -glue -coloured paper -fabric -black marker(sharpie works good) -Pokemon/other card -scissors -anything else u may need -oh ya and string

Step 2: Step 1(the Only Step)

Now just cut a square of cardboard bigger than the card and cut of the bottom of the card.cover the cardboard with paper whatever colour u need for example water blue fire red grass green u know.then stick the top of the card to the cardboard and design around it.stick on the string to the back and done! :D

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    6 years ago

    do you still have them if you do can I have them?


    6 years ago

    Nice! Maybe break the instructions down a bit more, and add more pictures. Otherwise, that is very creative. Well done.