Introduction: Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough #1

Alright guys!

Finally, after numerous requests, I'll be making Pokemon game tutorials!

Pokemon is a vast world of fun that I enjoyed in my younger years and will enjoy for years to come. I want everyone to enjoy this world of adventure,(kid or adult) so I'll be covering the major parts of the Pokemon fire red game.

So without further ado, let the game begin!

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Step 1: Getting Started. Your Journey's Beginning.

The very first thing(after the initial instructions and naming and all that stuff....) you see is your character sitting in his or her room. Exit the room through the staircase and talk to the woman sitting at the table (your mom :)

She'll tell you that prof oak is looking for you. Exit the building and walk over to the exit of the town just above and to the right of your house.

If you try to exit the town, prof oak will stop you and take you to his lab where you will be given a very hard choice....

Step 2: Choosing the Right Starter

Of the three starters to choose from, much controversy has developed. I hope you can choose the right pokemon for your battling style.

Bulbasaur: universally accepted as the worst starter (depending on your battle strategy), bulbasaur is a grass type with a secondary poison type. It's helpful for the first few gym leaders, however, it becomes less useful later on.
Base bulbasaur stats:
HP: 45
Attack: 45
Defense: 49
Sp attack: 65
Sp defense: 65
Speed: 45

Squirtle: As the water type of the group, squirtle is a very versatile pokemon, that will aid through most of the journey with good move versatility and overall tankiness.

Base squirtle stats:
HP: 44
Attack: 48
Defense: 65
Sp attack: 50
Sp defense: 64
Speed: 43

Charmander: fire, and eventually flying type, charmander is not ideal for the beginning of your journey, however, charmander is the MOST useful when battling later opponents. With great move versatility and firm speed and attack, charmander was my choice.

Charmander base stats:
HP: 39
Attack: 52
Defense: 43
Sp attack: 60
Sp defense: 50
Speed: 65

Step 3: Your First Battle

After you select your starter and move to leave the laboratory, your rival will run after you to challenge you to battle.

You will send out your pokemon, and your rival, his. Select an attack and hit the A button. If you use a stat attack (like leer or growl) it will either heighten your stats or decrease your opponents (non-permanent effects.) if you perform a physical or special attack, It will damage your opponent or inflict poison sleep paralysis etc. If your foe's hp reaches 0, you've won the battle.

Step 4: Thanks for Reading!

That's all for this tutorial, be sure to follow and look at some of my other instructables. Be sure to tell me if you want anymore of these walkthroughs. Have a great day!