Poket Size Lighting Kit

Introduction: Poket Size Lighting Kit

Hi Everybody,

This time we ll make an eco friendly- Emergency Honey wax Candle & a Lighting Kit

Step 1: Items Required

1. Match sticks (According to the Container Size)

2. Honey Wax Candle (Preparation Methods Given)

3. Pocket size Container for storage

4. Insulation / Packing / Duct Tape

Step 2: Preparation

Melt the honey wax in a vessel with 1:2 portion of water ( 1 part wax & 2 parts water). boil for 10-15 minutes. the wax will settled at the top, allow it to cool to room temperature. then extract the wax layer and use it to make candle. take a cotton wick / Thread and roll it in between the wax to form a candle as shown in the image.

Step 3: Pocket Size Water Proof Lighting Kit

Now its time to make the water proof Lighting kit. Take a plastic pouch (best if air tight Zipper ), place the candle first, or you can put match sticks first as it will remain water proof since its deep inside the cover. then roll the cover for 1 round then place the matchstick chemical patch then again roll the pouch for 1 round then the candle. place the pouch in the pen cap holder. Use the duct tape to seal the container.

Your Emergency water proof honey wax Lighting kit is Ready....

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    Cool. I need to share this with my dad who keeps bees at his house.