Introduction: Distillation of Holy Basil / Tulsi Leaves

Hi Everybody,

In this DIY Project, we will learn how to extract the Essence from the Holy Basil / Tulsi Leaves through Distillation Process.

What is Distillation ?

- The action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating and cooling

So lets Start....

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Holy Basil leaves (You can use anything like - lime skin, lavender, mint, cinnamon etc...)

2. Vessel / Pan with concave shaped Lid

3. Small Bowl to collect the distilled water

4. Ice Cubes

that's it... Lets do it

Step 2: The Process

Place the pan on the heater, Add some water & the holy basil leaves. Now place the small bowl in the middle of the pan to collect the distilled water. Cover the Lid upside down, so that the evaporated water drops down to the center of the lid in to the collection bowl. add ice cubes on the top of the lid to instant cool the evaporated water.

After few minutes or Hours ( Based on the quantity) the distilled water gets collected in the bowl.

That's it ...

This extracted water will have all the essence of the holy basil in concentrated form.

Holy Basil Benefits

Fights Acne. ...

Protects Against Diabetes. ...

Helps Fight Cancer. ...

Balances Hormones and Lowers Stress. ...

Relieves Fever. ...

Helps Improve Respiratory Disorders. ...

Good Source of Vitamin K. ...

Dental Care and Oral Health.

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