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Introduction: Polymer Clay Decorated Pumpkin

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We made a polymer clay decorated pumpkin!
And...I'll show you how to make one too!
This project kind of reminds me of a Mr. Potato Pumpkin Head:)

Step 1:

I made mine look like a bat, but really...the possibilities are endless.
You can even just make a bunch of teeth and add to a carved pumpkin (like this).

First...make all of the parts. 
You will only need polymer clay and either toothpicks or skewers.
You will want the toothpicks to be thick and of good quality. 
The toothpicks I used were thin and flimsy, and I did have some break when pushing into the pumpkin.

For the bat in my example, I made (pictured):
#1- teeth
#2- ears
#3- eyes

Step 2:

I also made (pictured):
#1- a heart with a scar
#2- bat wings

Bake according to clay directions.

I baked the parts with the toothpicks in them.  Remember how the parts will be attached, so you put the toothpicks in the appropriate places.  You also could poke the hole for the toothpick, bake the clay, and re-attach the toothpick after the clay has been hardened.  Another option would be to drill a hole for the toothpick in the hardened clay, but remember you do want the toothpick to fit snugly in the hole, so you don't have wobbly parts!

Step 3:

To attach the polymer clay parts to the pumpkin, I poked a guide hole using a needle tool.  This will make it easier to push the toothpick into the pumpkin.
#1- poke the guide hole
#2- gather your parts
#3- attach the polymer clay parts to your pumpkin

...and that's it!
Another super simple polymer clay project!

Step 4:

Even kids can do it!
My 6 year old, Sienna, made this pumpkin (except for the little top hat).

Hope everyone has fun with this project!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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    8 years ago

    So cool I wanna make it!

    Thanks! I agree, making your own is better! Oh, and I forgot to mention...it would also be fun to use glow-in-the-dark clay!

    That's an awesome idea! I've seen in stores, before, stuff you could stick into your pumpkin like that, but making your own unique pumpkin decorations is way better :D