Introduction: Polymer Clay Shoe Clips


-shoe clip blanks
-polymer clay
-a glue that works on metal and plastic
-acrylic paint
-craft blade
-sand paper
-matte or gloss varnish


1) Using the craft blade or just your hands, make a pair of identical shapes with flat backs/bottoms. You can achieve this by creating the shapes directly on a cookie sheet or other flat surface lined with aluminum foil. You can also use a stencil to ensure your shapes are identical.
2) If the shapes aren't already on a cookie sheet, transfer them to one or another oven safe, flat surface. Follow the instructions on the polymer clay package for baking and bake your shapes.
3) After your shapes have cooled, sand them all around to make them smooth. Poke small holes in the back/flat side of the shapes to make adhesion easier.
4) Also, sand the side of the shoe clip blanks that will be glued to increase adhesion.
5) Glue the shoe clip blank to the polymer shape.
6) After the glue has fully dried, paint the shape.
7) Allow to dry and coat twice with two thin coats of varnish.
8) Let dry completely and you're done!

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