Introduction: Polymer Clay Tiger Magnet or Key Fob

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Hi guys! This project is a polymer clay tiger that could be a key fob, or magnet. It is fairly simple to do and looks pretty detailed. All you need is a little confidence and clay! Have fun! ;)
I also looked up a picture online of a tiger's face to get the look as close as possible. I recommend you doing the same.


Dental tool (not the one your using!)
Different sizes of dotting tools
Small knife
Sticky back magnets
Pliers\wire cutters
Fine tip paint brush
Polymer clay (orange\brown and scrap clay)
Acrylic paint (white, black, yellow, and pink)
6 mm glass dome cabochons (you can buy these off of Amazon for around $6. My brand is Shapenty)
Also, make sure that the cabochons are glass and not plastic. Plastic will melt in the oven, but glass will not.

Step 1: Making the Eyes

To make the eyes, grab your 6mm cabochons and place them upside down flat side up into the scrap clay. Using your paint brush, paint black pupils on first. Let that dry. Then paint your yellow on top and let that dry. Then remove from clay and your done! P.S. Throughout the pictures, you may see that it looks like the black bleeded into the yellow, but it hasn't. That is just my camera. Sorry!

Step 2: Starting the Tigers Head

To make the head, I rolled out a ball and flattened it. I also pushed out the clay to form the cheeks. Add nose, mouth, and eyebrows, then blend using your dotting tool. Press out two dents under the eyebrows in the Tiger's face to create dents for the eyes to go in. Also carve nose and shape bottom lip.

Step 3: Ears and Eyes

For the ears, roll out 2 balls and flatten. Then using your dotting tools push clay out leaving a rim around the ear. Then cut diagonally according to the direction your ears are going. Then place them on the top of the head. Using your dotting tool, create 2 holes big enough for the eyes to go into. Then place in the eyes and press down. Then roll out a small and thin clay snake and place around each eye then blend onto the face.

Step 4: Time for the Fur!

Using the dental tool, create small indentations all over the Tiger's head to create the hair. I wanted some of the fur to go in a curtain direction, but you can do what ever you want. Also poke little holes on the top lip for the whiskers. The only places that I didn't put hair was the nose and the back of the head. If you are turning this into a key fob, bend a small portion of your paperclip with your pliers until it breaks. Wrap it around the metal part on your dotting tool and press tightly at the bottom. Then place into the top of your tigers head. Now place a small ball of clay to secure in if needed, then create hair on that also.

Step 5: Bake Then Paint!

Bake your clay according to your package instructions then let cool. Grab your paint and paint white on the cheeks, around the eyes, and mouth. Then let dry. Using your black paint, paint around the eyes. Then paint black stripes all over, except for the ears. Using your pink, paint the inside if the ears and nose. For the nose I painted black over top of some of pink parts. I also painted the bottom lip black. You can see in the picture above. Then let dry. If this is a magnet, now is a good time to glue your magnet onto the back. Please look at a tigers face online to get the stripes as close as possible.

You are now finished! God bless you!
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