Introduction: Recreate a Scene From How to Train Your Dragon (or Any Movie!)

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A while ago, member "authorswithapps" created a beautiful art project called, "Sea Life Triptych".
It really inspired me to create something very similar of my own. I recreated a scene from the "How to Train your Dragon" movie using art supplies. Its a pretty simple project, and a lot of fun to make! You don't have to do the movie scene that I chose. it can be any movie In the world! So I encourage you to have fun and create a scene! ;)


Acrylic paint (colors of your choice.)
Paint brushes
Polymer clay
Sculpting tools
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks

Optional :
Gloss glaze
Matte finishing spray
Printed out picture for reference

Step 1: Painting the Canvas

I bought my 4×6 canvas at a local Dollar Store for, you guessed it!...a dollar! I then painted it using my paint brushes with acrylic paint, looking at a reference for help. I found the backdrop scene that I liked on the internet and painted it onto my canvas. I then let it dry and got to work!

Step 2: Toothless: Part 1

Yay! Now we get to start Toothless! My favorite part!
So for toothless, I used polymer clay brand Femo leather. I was hoping that the leather effect would sort of help with the look of scales, and it did! It ended up giving it a great texture. I had printed out my reference photo from the internet. I chose a scene from the movie. I cut out toothless and hiccup to use as a guide for size and shape, and you will see me using this through out the Instructable.

Anyway. I used the cutout of toothless to get the correct size and then smoothed the edges with my finger. I then also cut out his head shape and also smoothed that out. Next I cut out his front leg in the front and his front leg in the back, and placed it in the correct position, and once again, smoothed out the edges.
For the ear\horns, I cut them out, placed them on and then smoothed it again.

Step 3: Toothless: Part 2

In this step we are mainly doing his details and face.
We will start with the face! Create a teardrop like indent for his eye. Next, roll an oval shape and place in the thicker part of the indent. I had then added 2 small snakes of clay to make it look like its not just one huge eyelid.
I then took one of my tools and shaped and pressed out a mouth. Next we are going to add the spikes, to do this, you need to create teardrops, 4 for the front and 4 for the back. Then blend them in! Also add a diamond shaped piece of clay for the nose and blend in where his nose would be. Then shape out his nostrils.

Step 4: Hiccup: Part 1

Now for Hiccup! I really struggled with this part to get it just thre way I wanted it. I finally ended up with almost just what I wanted!
To start on Hiccup, I mixed together a few different colors of clay to get the right shade for his shirt. I had ended up cutting up the reference I printed out of hiccup into the different parts of his clothes to use as a guide to get the right size. I got all the pieces cut...Now, to put him together!
After I put Hiccup together, I decided to give his coat a nice fur texture. To do that, I just made slanted lines and then used my tool to create the texture. I also added a little bit of texture to his shirt as well.

Step 5: Hiccup: Part 2

For adding the extra details, (and his face) you need to cut and place where they need to go. For his neck, I cut a small triangle out of his shirt and added another tan triangle in its place. I then cut some thin snakes and placed in a crisscross pattern for stitching. I also added some snakes of clay to his extended arm as well. I also cut and added his hand. Next, his face and hair. To make that, I cut out the shape of his head and placed it on his body. Then to add the hair...... I rolled my brown clay to a point and cut it. I used this method for all his hair.
Then add all the other details you want!
Next pace both Toothless and Hiccup on the canvas in the position you want. Then bake according yo your packaging instructions.

Step 6: Securing and Painting

Yay! Freshly baked clay!
Once you take your scene out of the oven, you need to let it cool down before you do anything else. Once cool, you need to very carefully remove your characters and then hot glue them back on for extra strength. Then if you want you can paint on any extra details. LIke scales onto Toothless or freckles on Hiccup. Anything you want! You can also add finishing spray or a nice gloss glaze for a finished piece.
And there you have it! Your very own little movie scene! You can hang it on your wall, or use it as a nice desk decor. Whatever you want!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through my Instructable, and I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks again! Take care and God bless you!
Talk to you in the next one!

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