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Despite we already got a plenty of high tech gadget to see time, Wall Clock still used in every houses. For some peoples it even used as a decoration in their houses.

And since my old clock has a regular boring shape, I try to fix it by create a unique shape to make wall in my house less boring, and of course it also functional to show me how long do I have to take a shower before it's too late to go to work.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  1. Scissors
  2. Knife Cutter
  3. Pencil
  4. Ruler


  1. Solid Cardboard paper (+/- 2-3 mm thick)
  2. Clock machine
  3. Paper tape
  4. Paper glue
  5. Glue Gun
  6. Instant dry super glue
  7. A2 sized paper for template printing
  8. acrylic Sealant
  9. Spray Paint (2 kind of color, I use yellow & white)

Step 2: Base Template

Since I creating this project right from the scratch, i'm using plain paper to create the template of the shape. But dont you worry, I already prepared the final template for anyone who want to try this project also.

First of all, use the A2 sized paper to print the template wich I already prepared for you. You can download it on this link : . Remember to scale the template to maximum area you can get from A2 sized paper.

Once you print the template on the paper, use the scissor cut the outer area as you can see on the image. Then used it as a guide template for the thicker cardboard paper. Draw marker along the line and fix it using ruler to get better smoothed & straight line. Now you get your template on the cardboard.

Step 3: Template Cutting

Use the Cutter knife to cut the outer line of the template on the cardboard. It will be easier for you to use a ruller to help get straight line rather than just slicing with the cutter. I'm not recommend using the scissor to cut the cardboard since it will make the paper folded on some parts and also get pressed look on the edges.

Step 4: Cutting the Inner Line

Now we need to cut some line from the previous cuted cardboard. You can see the first image above on this step, the bolded line are the lines we need to cut, the are 5 bold line there.
Carefully cut these line using knife cutter and ruler to help you make a straight cutting line. The final result of this as you can see on the 3rd image above.

Step 5: Cutting the Folded Line

Now this is the difficult part from shaping the cardboard.
First you need to know where the folded lines are. Aside the 5 bolded line you've already cut in the previous step, the rest of the lines are the lines who need to be folded (see 1st image above). Use the knife cutter and ruler to make the cut on this lines, but be aware, do not cut it all the way down. All you need to do is scratch the line half deep of the cardboard thickness so you can folded it easily (see 3rd image).

Now on the shade part, peel of half part you already cut just like 4rd image shown. There are 5 shaded area you need to peel off. The result after peeling the shaded part you can see in the 5th image.

Then continue to cut the rest of the inner lines. But still you need to be cautious, don't cut it all, just scratch half deep of the cardboard thickness so you can fold the line to shape the cardboard. Try to fold all the lines after you make the cut as you can see in the last image above.

Step 6: Shaping the Poly

Since all the lines already folded, now you can try to shape the poly. Use paper tape to help you join the shaded peeled part with the next part. Cut the excess using the scissor (1st & 2nd image above)

Once you join all the peeled shaded part ( 3rd image), you will get the result as shown on the 4th image.
To make this join more solid, use the glue. Open the paper tape and apply glue on the inner intersection of the peeled shade part ( 5th & 6th image). And to make this join rigid, use the instant dry glue on the upper side.
Now you have a solid poly shape cardboard.

Step 7: Clock Machine Placeholder

Next is create placeholder for the clock machine.
Cut 4 cardboard with size 5.7cm in width and 2cm in height. Arrange each side to cover the clock machine as shown in 1st image. Apply instant dry glue to stick each side ( 2nd image).

Once the square placeholder formed, place it in the back center of the poly shape, apply instant dry glue. Take note that this placeholder can be placed in any angle, as long as it can perfectly stick on the polyshape.
And dont forget to create hole in the center for the clock machine rotor. you can use drill or just knife cutter for this.

Step 8: Create Accessories Shape

Use the template to cut another cardboard just like the same process in step 3. But this time cut the shape just like shown on 2nd image above.
Now using the pencil and ruler, create mark with 1cm width in the inner side of the lines ( 3rd image). Proceed with cutting all the inner line using the knife cutter. When you allign all the shape in the main template, you will get the result like 4th image above.
Now continue with cut the rest inner shape, use knife cutter freely to make the round cut. Final result will be like the last image above.

Step 9: Patches the Gap

You may notice that there is a gap on each corner of the folded poly shape. We need to remove this.
Use some acrylic sealant to cover this gap, or other material that fit, glue gun also applicable.

Step 10: Base Paint

It's painting time...
Give base paint for the polyshape and accessories shape. The purpose of this base paint is to cover the cardboard pores, so you can make the final painting in a good result.

Step 11: Final Painting

Use the spray paint can to give the final color. I'm using lemon yellow for the poly shape and white for the accessories shapes. Let it dry for about 1-2 hours.

Step 12: Install the Hanger

Cut a triangle shape on the cardboard using the template. and place it of the back side of the poly shape using the glue gun.
Before you install this shape you can also paint it first, or not, it doesn't matter much since it placed on the back side of the poly shape.

Step 13: Setup the Accessories Shape

Take the accessories shape and apply glue on the back side (which is not painted), then install in the match side of the poly shape. Do this with the rest of the accessories shapes.

Step 14: Install the Clock Machine

It almost finis now. Take the clock machine and put it on the placeholder on the back side of the poly shape. Tighten the nut in front side using the pliers. Next put each clock pointer.

Step 15: Final Step

Take a AA batteries and put it on your clock machine, and all it take is hang it on your wall to finish the project.
Let me know if you have any questions about this project!

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