Introduction: Pomegranate Peace Sign Ice Dye

This Instructable combines batik waxing and ice dyeing! Ice dyeing creates a cool psychedelic watercolor look, and I will be using the batik wax to create a pomegranate peace sign in the lower corner of the shirt.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

Tank top

Dyes (I used pomegranate, blueberry, and dragonfruit colors)

Batik Wax and skillet


Vanishing ink pen or pencil

Small paintbrush or eye dropper

Rubber gloves

Dust Mask

Peace sign stencil (optional if you can draw :P)

Soda Ash

Bucket or box



Step 2: Draw Design

I used a peace sign stencil to draw my outline then rounded out the indent at the bottom and added the calyx at the top to make it look like the pomegranate fruit.

If you are using disappearing ink, make sure you add the wax the same day b/c your design will be gone tomorrow!

Step 3: Apply Batik Wax

Melt your batik wax in electric skillet. I set mine up next to a fan and an open window because the fumes smell pretty bad.

Once hot enough, use small paintbrush to create the seeds inside of the design. I just lightly touched the brush to the fabric to make the small circles. (Make sure to put your clipboard or a piece of cardboard in between the two layers of fabric so it doesn't bleed onto the back side.)

For the outside edge I used a wider brush and followed my outline. If you are good with the tjanting tool, the deign will probably come out better and you may get smoother, rounder lines. (I still haven't figured it out!)

Step 4: Soak in Soda Ash

Boil 2 quarts of water then remove from heat. Stir in 1/2 cup of soda ash and whisk until dissolved. Let cool (so you don't melt the wax.)

Once cool, soak your shirt for 10-15 min. Then squeeze out excess liquid before moving to your ice dye rack.

Step 5: Ice Dye!

To set up for ice dye you will need a rack and something for the ice to drip in so this could be your sink, bath, rubber tub, or a box lined with a plastic bag in my case!

Scrunch up your fabric and cover generously with ice.

Wear your dusk mask and sprinkle the powdered dyes on top of the ice. I choose to keep the three colors separate (they will overlap and blend of course) but you can sprinkle the dye any way you like!

Wait until the ice has melted and then rinse your fabric until the water runs clear.

Step 6: Boil Out Wax

Fill pot with water and bring to a boil. Add in shirt for for about a minute and remove. You may have to repeat this step if all of the wax doesn't come out the first time.

Make sure to let the water cool before skimming wax off the top and dumping the water!

Wash and dry!