Introduction: Pompom Puff Ball

Since I found out how to make a pompom, I've been making them for fun. I find them really fun to make. I really like adding different colors and patterns.

Step 1: Supplies I Used:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard
  • Coaster(you can use something else that is a circle shape)
  • String/yarn

Step 2: Trace and Cut Out Two Circles:

I used a small coaster to trace my circles but you can use something else that is circle shaped. When you are done tracing out your circles, cut them out.

Step 3: Cut Out the Middle:

Cut a hole in the middle of the circle to make a doughnut shape. You can use something to trace it to make it easier.

Step 4: Tie Together:

Tie the cardboard doughnuts together by a string.

Step 5: Start Wrapping the String Around the Doughnuts:

Step 6: Add Another Color (this Is Optional):

You can add another color by tying a different color string to the color you were using before. Then you keep wrapping the string/yarn around the doughnuts until you want to change colors again.

*You do not have to add different colors.

Step 7: Wrap Around the Doughnut Until Thick:

Keep wrapping the string/yarn around the doughnuts until you can hardly fit the string/yarn through. You can add more colors if you want to.

Step 8: Cutting:

Cut the string/yarn at the edges of the doughnuts. Make sure to not cut the cardboard part of the doughnut.

Step 9: Tying It Together:

Tie in between the two pieces of cardboard. Make sure to tie tightly a few times. The last tie you should have a good knot.

Step 10: Rip or Cut the Cardboard:

Rip or cut the cardboard doughnuts off. Make sure to do this gently.

Step 11: Tidying Up:

Puff up your pompom an trim any too long strings/yarns.

*You can cut the long string off if you want.

You are done!

Have fun with your pompoms!

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