Introduction: Cardboard Waterfall Diorama

I have done a lot of dioramas so far and I thought that I could do an instructable about them! I have learnt a lot of different techniques to make it look realistic! I like decorating and making things look very cool. I use different kinds of materials to add more nice effects! I especially like doing waterfalls because I find they add an extra effect. I will take you through the steps of how to make one of these dioramas.


These are the supplies you will need:

  • Cardboard Box
  • Paint and paint brush
  • Fake plastic leaves
  • Scissors
  • Blue construction paper
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Tissue Paper

Step 1: First Step With Making the Outside:

Start with cutting the top side of the box off. This is so the outside part of the diorama is not covered into a whole box.

Step 2: Glue the Lid Flaps:

Use the hot glue for this step. Once the top side is cut off and the sides are pulled up, bend the bottom side lid flap up. Then, fold the side lid flaps in and glue them to the bottom flap like it shows in the picture.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom Flap Off and Glue:

Now, cut the bottom flap off. This is so there is no flap in the way. Use the cardboard flap that you cut off to cover up the hole at the other end. Glue the flap that you cut off to cover up the hole. You are almost done making the outside!

Step 4: Cut the Side Flaps Off:

This is the last step of the outside! Cut the two side flaps off. This is so ou have a proper outside diorama. Now you are done the outside structure part!

Step 5: Gluing the Constructions Paper:

Now, glue the blue construction paper down to the bottom of the box. The construction paper does not have to cover the whole bottom of the box. This is for the water that comes down from the waterfall.

Step 6: Build the Mountain:

After gluing the construction paper down, it is time to build the mountain part of the diorama. Cut little pieces of cardboard. After you are done that, bend them a bit so they are no so stiff when you have to glue it down. Bend them to them shape of a cliff and then glue them to the to the cardboard bow. Remember to start with a base and then move onto the top parts so that it is not as hard to glue.

Step 7: Add the Aluminum Foil Waterfall:

Time to add the waterfall! Get a piece of aluminum foil. Gently crumple the aluminum piece so that it is not so flat an d shiny. Make sure not to rip the aluminum while you are doing this job. Hot glue the aluminum to the cardboard mountain. Try not to burn yourself! :)

Step 8: Painting:

Paint the mountain part with green and brown colors. Add a bit of gray to make a rocky look. After painting the mountain you can now paint the waterfall. Gently brush the blue paint over the aluminum. Be careful with doing this step too because the aluminum is very fragile.

Step 9: Add Tissue Paper:

Rip some pieces of tissue paper and crumple them a bit. After crumpling them, glue them to the aluminum. Adding the tissue paper makes the water look like there is some sort of mist. I makes it look a little more realistic.

Step 10: Adding Fake Bushes:

Glue some fake little pieces of bushes down to the cardboard. This will make it look even more realistic by adding green bushes.

Step 11: Painting Trees:

Now it is time to paint trees! Paint trees on the sides and at the top of the mountain. Paint a fair amount so that it looks more like a forest. You can add a rock or something too if you want.

Step 12: Painting the Sky:

Paint the sky a light blue or white. You can add clouds if you want. I would recommend painting the sky before doing the trees. I think it would be smarter that way. I just had to go back over the trees with green paint.

Step 13: You Are Done!

Now you are done you waterfall diorama! I hope you enjoyed this instructable!

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