Introduction: Pool Noodle Hacks

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Pool noodles are cheap and can solve tons of everyday problems. Pool noodles have so many unusual uses in your home!

Step 1: Faucet Extender

Use a pool noodle to fill up buckets from your sink. Just stick one end over the faucet opening and point the other end at the bucket. Now you can fill anything you want!

Step 2: Vacuum Extender

Now you can reach all those small spaces and high corners with a $1 pool noodle. Just stick one end on the base of your vacuum and use the other end to suck in anything dust or other particles.

Step 3: Dog Washer Pt1

If you want an easy way to clean your dog without blasting it with a hose, you can make this quick dog washer. Grab a pool noodle and cut off a bit of one end and stuff it inside the hole to fill it up and block it. Now wrap some duck tape around it to hold it there. You can even use a zip tie around it to keep it surely in place.

Step 4: Dog Washer Pt2

Form a circle with the pool noodle and connect the pieces with a zip tie at the top. Make sure you leave the open end at the top so a hose can easily be inserted. Grab a skewer and poke holes around the inner rim of the circle. The more you add, the better the coverage. When that's done, insert your hose into the open end. Squeeze the opening and start off with a low pressure and gradually move up so your pool noodle doesn't burst. That's it. Now you can give your dog a nice and thorough bath!

Step 5: Floating Bar

Get a cheap cutting board and cut out pool noodles chunks to each side leaving some room. Then slice all the pieces down the middle to form a clip. Now just attached the noodles to each side of the cutting board and ensure they're snugly attached. Place the board into the pool and enjoy yourself!

Step 6: Wire Organizer

If you have a cluttery mess of wires behind your computer or TV center and want to clean things up, pool noodles are a cheap and effective solution. Group your wires into several bunches and measure out pool noodles to fit their lengths. Then cut the noodles and cut a slit down the middle to split them in half vertically. Now wrap the noodle over the wires to conceal and organize them. Now your left with a much neater wire system!

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