Introduction: Poor Mans Slingbox

Easy way to listen to your sports team when overseas

Step 1: Set TV / Radio to Correct Station

You might adjust the volume to normal.

Step 2: Connect Headphone Out on Radio/tv to Microphone in on PC.

You can sometimes nick this cable from the one that connects the two external PC speakers

Step 3: Make Skype Auto Answer

You will find this setting in Tools/Options/Advanced

Step 4: Skype Yourself From Another Skype Name

When you Skype the home PC the auto answer will enable you to listen to whatever you left you TV/Radio tuned to.

Step 5: Remote Control From Long Distance

Shout down the mic from the distant PC and get someone near the home PC to change the channel.

Step 6: It Works

I am listening to BBC Open commentary in the PRC. HA HA HA to you and your Great Firewall.