Introduction: Pop Tab Bag

A multi-purpose bag or purse made from pop can tabs.

Step 1: Materials

1) Pop can tabs.

This bag took nearly 2,000 pop can tabs. Make sure to remove any metal projections.

2) Size 18 mason line. I used white.

3) 4 mm (US 6 or G) crochet hook, must be metal

4) Fray Block or white glue for mason line knots

5) sturdy denim fabric for lining

Step 2: Crochet Them Together.

This is a bit tricky at first, but you will soon get the hang of it.

To start, take two tabs and put the smooth sides together, oriented the same way. There is a thick and a thin end. Put a slip knot on your hook and single crochet through two openings at the same end. I only did one single crochet stitch each hole, but I have seen it done with 2. It is a different look, more nylon, less metal. Probably sturdier too.

Next, slide two tabs, smooth sides together inside the free ends of the two tabs you just crocheted together. Single crochet through four holes, the two free ends of the initial tabs and two holes in the new tabs. The new tabs are oriented the same way as the first tabs and are sandwiched between the initial tabs. Continue like this until you have reached the end of the row. Your last single crochet is through only two holes. Two rows done.

At the end of the row fold the two rows of tabs apart. Turn over so the wrong side is towards you and slip stitch up to the top of the first (furthest right) tab in the second row. From now on you will add only one tab at a time. Add the next tab behind the first tab, smooth side facing you, oriented the same as the rest, and single crochet through two holes. The next tab goes behind this one and you single crochet through 4 holes. Finish the row, turn and slip stitch to top of beginning tab. Three rows done.

The third row, the right side is facing you. The first tab goes in front of the work, smooth side away from you. The second tab is sandwiched in between the first tab and the last row. Continue on like that remembering to keep all the tabs oriented the same way, and keeping the smooth side turned away.

Continue like this until you are done each piece. The sides are 13 tabs wide, 20 rows high. The front and back are 26 tabs wide, 20 rows high, the bottom is 26 tabs wide, 10 rows high and the cell phone pocket is 12 tabs wide and 12 rows high.

Step 3: Finish Each Piece.

Single crochet around each piece, putting two stitches in each edge tab hole, and three in the corner tabs. Finish off your ends with reef knots and glue. Cut the ends short when the glue is dried.

Step 4: Put the Bag Together.

Single crochet the pieces together. Add two more rows of single crochet all around the top of the bag. Add a shoulder strap. I used 39 rows of double crochet, 13 stitches wide to make the strap.

Step 5: Line the Bag (optional)

I constructed a bag the same measurements out of sturdy patterned denim. I gave it two partitions. I slipped it inside the bag and hand sewed it to the inside of the top edging.


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