Introduction: Pop-Tart Opening

This tutorial will instruct the user the quietly, quickly and efficiently open a box of Pop-Tarts, remove them from the box, removing the pastry from its foil, and finally, repacking unused pastries back into its box.


1 box of Pop-Tarts of your choosing.
1 butter knife
2 free hands

Step 1: Opening the Box Quietly

Insert butter knife into center of tab on top of box

Step 2: Opening the Box Quietly

Slide knife along seal under the tab and away from body

Step 3: Opening the Box Quietly

Rotate box and slide knife through remaining sealed portion of tab away from body

Step 4: Removing the Pastry Quietly From Box

Carefully grab top of pastry foil with index and thumb using non-dominant hand

Step 5: Removing Pastry Quietly From Box

Slowly raise foiled pastry until clearance of box has been achieved

Step 6: Opening Foil of Pastry

Using dominant hand, pinch other side of foil near the top with thumb and index finger

Step 7: Opening Foil of Pastry

Firmly but slowly tear foil by pulling hands gently in opposite directions

Step 8: Opening Foil of Pastry

Move non dominant hand to grasp foil near bottom to create wider opening at top of foil

Step 9: Removing Pastry From Foil

Gently remove pastry from foil with dominant hand in a smooth, fluid motion to avoid contact with foil

Step 10: Repacking Unused Pastries

Gently repack remaining pastry back into box, careful to avoid contact with foil