Pop-up Word Card

Introduction: Pop-up Word Card

This instructable is part of the June Instructables Build Night with Silhouette at the Taipei Hackerspace.

Hard to pick a cards for your friends? How about make a pop-up card by yourself. With Silhouette, it is super easy to make one, and it is super fun! Here is the how to make:

Step 1: Text Editing

First, Let's write something, choose the font and size you like.

Step 2: Draw a Rectangle on Top of the Text

There should be slight overlap between text and rectangle

Step 3: Erase !

1. Choose the erase tool

2. Select outline mode

3. Erase the overlap between rectangle box and text

4. Erase the lower bound of text

Step 4: Cut It Out!

Choose the paper you like and cut it out!

After a little bit of folding, now you made your pop-up card, pretty easy huh?

By the way, if you want I also attach my cutting file :)

See you next time, happy making!

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