Introduction: Popsicle Sticks Stick

when I was 12 we flew the whole family to the United States for a BAT MITZVAH trip.

my little brother Ziv was 2 years old then. I remember a game that my father and Ziv prepared on the flight , Ziv loved this so much and continued to play with that when we came back home and even took it to his kindergarten.


For preparing this game we need scooter stickers and colorful popsicle sticks , that products are available in every creation store.

Step 1: Instructions for Preparing the Game

1. Divide the popsicle sticks into two groups so that each group has the same number of sticks.

2. On the first set of popsicle sticks, paste the sticky side of the scotch sticker.

3. On the other set of popsicle sticks, paste the other side of the scotch sticker.

4. Mix the sticks and than you can start playing :)

Step 2: Let's Play

Now you can make many types of shapes by yourself by pasting the sticks at each other's edges