Introduction: Pork & Chicken Sliced With Creamy Capers Sauce Recipe

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250g pork filet

250g chicken breast

250ml cream

2 spoons pickled caspers

2 red onions

200g bulgur


salt, pepper, paprika & soja sauce

Step 1: Preparation

Cut the onions, caspers, chicken & pork in pieces.Put the bulgur in cold water and bring it to boil. Fry the pork & chicken in a hot pan and scatter salt & pepper to it and stir a few minutes! When the pieces look good remove them and lay them on a plate. Pour cream in the pan enter rosymary, caspers & onions and let it simmer. Scatter salt, pepper, paprika & soja sauce in the pan and stir it.

Step 2: Finish

Give the chicken & pork back in the pan and let it simmer a few minutes. The bulgur is ready cooked after 7 minutes.

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