Introduction: Portable Amplifier Speaker

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This project uses an old video game chair(if you do not know what that is it is a rocker chair that you can hook up your game system up to and the videos games audio will transfer to the chairs speakers it also works for iPods ,MP3 players ,CD players ,etc.) to amplify your iPod. It is pretty cool.

Step 1: Collect Materials

You will need: the circuit board from a video game chair and all the wires and connectors and speakers that come with it, a cracker box about the size of a ritz cracker box, an ardunio battery pack or whatever the power connector is on yours( the ardunio kind is what my power port is), 9v battery to go with the power port, soldering equipment, wire clutters, box cutter, and tape or a hot glue gun( i pictured a hotglue gun but i will use tape...sorry).That seems like a lot but it will be really simple to build.

Step 2: Prep Everything

Shorten the speaker wires cause they could by long. Shorten them to about a foot long maybe a little shorter.then strip them to prep them for soldering. First you have to desolder the wires that you probably cut off when taking the game chair apart or to shorten the wire. Then you cut, if needed, the power jack cable down to a few inches. Then if you need to strip the ends of all the wires.

Step 3: Soldering

Solder the corresponding wires to the pos and neg of the speakers. Then solder the 9v battery snap to the ardunio connector. If you have a different type of power jack then do the same for that.

Step 4: Cut the Holes and Put Everything Together

To cut the holes for the ports and other stuff you need to take the faceplate from the chair and use it to cut precise holes for the ports. Then estimate about were the speaker grill will go. It should not be that hard. FYI: I put my controls and ports on the back of the cracker box then put the speakers in the front. Also I don't do a good job at cutting that small, so.... Anyways after you cut the holes fit the circuit in there and see if it fits. If not then just adjust it so that it does. Then tape or hot glue everything in there. I highly suggest that you tape or glue the two speakers together before you tape or glue them to the inside. After all that just tape the box closed.

Step 5: Using and Extras

If you want to you can make a duct tape handle for the top. To us it hook up a music device to it and become an office D.J. . I warn you though do not turn your iPod all the way up and the amp all the way up other wise your eardrums will rapture and the speakers could blow out. I tried it once and it was super loud up close. Leave me comments and I congratulate you on your awesome ability.