Introduction: Portable Audio Chest

Use an old audio cabinet to build a portable audio chest.

Step 1: Materials

I found an old audio cabinet and storage chest.

Step 2: Disassemble

Disassemble the audio cabinet and salvage the wood and electronics.

Step 3: Electronics

Clean up the electronics.

Step 4: Measure

Measure and mark holes to accommodate speaker drivers.

Step 5: Cut

Cut the holes using a router.

Step 6: Install the Speakers

Fasten down the speaker drivers.

Step 7: Wiring

Wire the speakers.

Step 8: Tray Supports

Cut tray supports from the salvaged wood and fasten above the drivers.

Step 9: Turntable Tray

Build a tray to accommodate the turntable.

Step 10: Drill the Spring Holes

Drill holes in the tray to support the springs on the bottom of the turntable.

Step 11: Paint and Install the Tray

Make sure the tray is the correct size, then paint it and install.

Step 12: Receiver/Amplifier/Tuner

Inspect the electronics and fasten to a wood support.

Step 13: Rear Panel

Cut a hole in the back side of the chest and install the rear panel.

Step 14: Electrical

Connect all the internal wiring.

Step 15: Test

Test all the electrical functions.

Step 16: Receiver Face

Make a face plate from the salvaged wood. Compare to the plastic face plate and make appropriate measurements.

Step 17: Cut the Face

Cut the face plate and fit to the receiver.

Step 18: Complete the Receiver

Add dials to the face plate and fasten the unit to the lid of the chest.

Step 19: Wire Cover

Cut some fabric and attach between the turntable tray and the receiver to cover the wires.

Step 20: Paint and Stain

Paint and stain the remaining raw wood.

Step 21: Label the Dials

Print labels for the dials and reverse them on the x-axis, so they read backward. Use a toner printer, not inkjet. Tape in place and apply a solvent, like acetone. Push against the paper with moderate pressure. The ink should adhere to the wood.

Step 22: Apply Protective Coat

Brush a protective coat over the wood to preserve the ink and finish.

Step 23: Play and Enjoy

Drop the needle on some vinyl.

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