Introduction: Portable Battery Backup With Upgrades

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Diy portable battery backup for camping or surviving a power outage.

Step 1: Parts and Materials

The parts in the instructible is mostly stuff I already had but can be purchased online and at your local Walmart. To start with this is my first instructible so bare with me.

Parts list

1 toolbox

1 410watt dc to ac power inverter

1 36ah (amp hour) 12 volt battery

1 utility auxiliary fuse block dc

1 110volt ac 2 plug receptacle and cover

1 usb cable extension

1 plug in cigarette light battery monitor lcd display

1 dual cigarette lighter auxiliary all weather plug

1 momentary push button

The rest of the parts are basic electronics butt connectors and basic electrical wire or 12 to 10 gauge speaker wire will do fine also.

1 rivet gun with multiple size rivets

1 rechargeable drill and standard drill bit set 5 piece set will do.

1 receptacle box

1 male ends from old pc tower power cords

Step 2: Building Steps

Step1-make brackets for holding battery stationary.

Step 2-mount battery in box. I used some small 1/16 metal angle I had just laying around.

Step 3- mount power inverter. I drilled 1/8 holes and riveted power inverter to the inside of toolbox.

Step 4- install receptacle box.

Step 5- wire the receptacle with the male pc power cord. Leave about 8 inches of cord from the plug.

Step 6- mount receptacle in box and put cover on.

Step 7- plug the male plug into the inverter now it's ready for power when you connect the battery.

Step 8- put red wire from inverter to positive post on battery and black post to negative post on battery. Run a red wire from the fuse block to positive post on the battery also. Put all positive leads from the other components to the battery. Do the same with all the negative wires from each components.
The only component not wired straight to the battery will be the usb extension and the dual cigarette lighter plug. The usb extension will plug into the USB port on the inverter and the positive of the cigarette lighter plug will go to the fuse block. The black wire will connect to the negative of the battery.

The momentary push button will be installed to the positive wire on the battery lcd monitor. Cut the wire and soldier it in or screw it in depending on what kind u have.

When done u can buy a trickle charger with alligator clips n use to charge the battery or a small solar panel trickle charger or just use a standard 10 amp battery charger. I'm gonna use a small solar panel for now but looking to adding a 20 watt 12 volt solar panel and charge controller later.
Thanks for reading and looking leave any comments and feel free to ask questions.

Step 3: Added Upgrades and Finished Project

For those who have saw this instructibles before it's the same just revived and finally finished.

To start with I added a 20 watt solar panel and a 3 amp charge controller for recharging on the road. It also has 2 external post for charging with portable or stationary battery charger. (12v).

There is a set of dual all weather cigarette lighter plugs added for your convenience of cellphone or tablet charging or any other device with a male cigarette lighter end.

For easy and quick access I've added labels to all the hookups for the devices you use.

I purchased a kilowatt meter from my local electronics store to be used in the 110v outlets to keep track of the amps,watts,kilowatt an hour and voltage to determine on which devices that can be used and how long.

I wants to thank everyone for the likes and viewing of my first but not my last instructible. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them or ask them and I'll be gladly to answer them the best that I can. Thanks again.
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