Introduction: Survival Power

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this is something i put together that has multiple uses. so I'm going to be entering it in the tailgate challenge.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

In this build i used a old computer tower for a outer shell.

the parts used are.

old computer tower been stripped of all components.

900-1800 watt 24 volt power inverter.

6- 6 volt agm batteries for power for all parts installed.

2- 12 volt pc cooling fans

3- 2 position toggle switches

1- 12 volt usb charging port salvaged from a cigarette light usb charger

scrape wire of various sizes

2- screw terminal wire connectors

2- 12 volt 12 inch led light stripes

1- 1/2 inch by 12 inch square wood stock

Step 2: Assembly

To start with mount the power inverter in its permanent location. wire in all components and install fans.

Step 3: Assembly Step 2

Installing the 6- 6 volt batteries. 4 of the 6 batteries will run the power for the inverter. they will be wired in series to get 24 volts. the other 2 will be wired in series also to make the 12 volts for the fans,lights, and usb charging ports.

Step 4: Assembly and Fan Installation

in this step we will be installing the 2- 12 volt pc fans. the fans will be installed with one in the front and one in the rear. the rear fan will be for cooling the inside of the compartment to keep all parts cool after being ruined for a period of time. the front fan will be for personal use on a hot day or night for cooling off you or your friends.

Step 5: Assembly

In this step we will be installing the 2- 6 volt batteries for the fans,usb charger,and light bar. remember these will also be wired in series to get 12 volts since they are 6 volts a piece.

Step 6: Assembly

In this step we will be installing the ogle switches that controls the fans,usb charger and light bar. the switches are wired in-between the positive wire from the battery to the accessories. the other switch will be wired in between the cross over wire that makes the batteries to one 24 volt bank into separate 12 volt banks for solar panel charging. the toggle switch for the 24 volt bank also breaks the circuit so there won't be any power drain or accidental power up of i inverter.

Step 7: Close to the End

In this step we will explain the solar panel charing. the solar panel is a 1.5 watt 12 volt panel for keeping a charge on the batteries while in storage or in use during sun light. the panel is a simple install, it just has 2 alligator clips that can be connected to each 12 volt battery bank. to use on the 24 volt bank flip the toggle switch that disconnects the 24 volt circuit and turns it into 2 separate 12 volt banks. then the alligator clips can be connected to the 12 volt bank of choice. simple and easy red wire to + sign and black to - sign on the battery bank chosen.

Step 8: Final Step

In this is the final and finished product. its all completely together and ready to be put to use. it has a power inverter for a light or a fan or even a tv to watch a football game or race. its also great to carry camping and watch the race on a tv or listen to the race or game on the radio. just remember you need to bring the tv or radio this is only the power supply for such devices. it has a led light so you can see around you and in the bed of your truck during your tailgate party. need to see in the cooler for a cold soda so the led light bar is perfect for this. this is my third instuctable I've posted so feel free to leave comments or ask questions. also please vote. thanks and hope you enjoy.

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