Introduction: Portable Bluetooth Earphones

Recently I broke the audio jack of my phone accidentally. It was so disappointing that all the shops were closed due to Corona virus Pandemic and that I could not mend it.
But I had to learn my lessons online. I couldn't in any way disturb my family members. Bluetooth earphones would be okay but I didn't have any:( . So I thought of making my own Bluetooth earphones. Here,s how I made it-


1.Bluetooth module
2.TC4056 module (BMS)
3.Lithium ion battery
4.Earphones (mine,s jack was broken)
6.Silver paper
1.Soldering iron

Step 1: Gathering the Materials:

I salvaged the Bluetooth module from an old amplifier lying around. Any type of Bluetooth module works. I got the TC4056 module from a trimmer. And the battery from an old GSM phone.

Step 2: Checking Them...

I prefer to check if all the materials are in good condition as they are all old. Check whether the battery holds charge and the BT module works. Mine has a negligible display problem.

Step 3: Connecting...

Solder two wires from the TC4056 module(BAT+ and BAT-) to the battery's terminals and OUT+ and OUT- to the power connector of Bluetooth module. The plus point to add the BMS(battery management system) is that it saves the the BT module from burning even if you short circuit it!
Cut off the Earphone jack and strip off the wires a little. Solder the golden wire to the middle wire of the audio out connector. Similarly, solder the blue and green wires of the earphone to the right and left respectively. You're done!

Step 4: Put It Together

Just plug in the connectors. The Bluetooth module has everything written on it. It has +5V or VCC for (+) and GND for (-). It has RO, GO,LO for right, ground and left respectively. Power up your device and connect it. You can also charge it with a micro USB cable.
Audio Quality Booster Tip: Solder the GND(ground) to the GO(ground out) to avoid frequency fluctuations.
Cut the cardboard appropriately and and make an enclosure for it. Cover it with silver paper if it looks ugly. Please like and vote if you really like it. It motivates me :)

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