Introduction: Portable Compost Bin/Garden

Growing a garden and need some compost, but you want to be able to move your pile around to get to every corner around your garden, without having to lug the nutrient rich soil around shovel by shovel? Then gather supplies, and get building! (This build is actually pretty simple)


  • Folding Cart
  • Some big pieces of tree bark.
  • Compost!!
  • Dirt (Optional)
  • Plant Seeds (Optional)

Step 1: Add the Flooring.

Take a few chunks of tree bark and cover the bottom of the folding cart, as to keep dirt and stuff from falling out of the holes in the bottom.

Step 2: Now Fill It With Compost!

Now is the time to fill your cart with compostable material. I used grass that I had mown last year. I also added some coffee grounds, an egg carton, and a book, just to see what would happen. another feature that is a must is ADD WORMS. They greatly speed up the composting process.

Step 3: Add Dirt and Plants. (Optional)

If you want you can add dirt on top of the compost and plant seeds to have a portable garden.

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