Introduction: Portable Kayak Fishing Stabilizer

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this is my project that I want to share since these are very expensive to buy. My goal was to build a cheap and very portable pontoon system that will work with most kayaks with these style of fishing rod holders.

Step 1:

Step 2: Pontoon Mold

-make the mold using foam board.

cut the pieces and assemble as seen in the images*

*note size is not shown because these are more of a guide to help make them and the size varies from factors such as weight of person.

Step 3: Line Mold

-use a heavy garbage bag to line the mold to make the extraction easy.

Step 4: Pontoon Pole

to build the pole you will need a labout a 2-3ft piece of 3/4 inch pipe and a thick dowel.

-drill a hole the size of the dowel in the pvc and insert the dowel like the image shows.

Step 5: Foaming It Up

Each pontoon uses two cans of foam.

-place the pole in the center and use a foam board to hold the pole center while you fill the mold with foam aswell as while it cures.

Step 6: Booms

Now while the foam dries take two pipes with a coupler end on one of them.

-drill a hole through the joint for the pin.


Step 7: Kayak Mount

To make the mount you will need two small pieces of 3/4 inch pvc and cut a hole into the large pipe lining up with the rod holders of the kayak.

-Insert the pvc tubes inside the pipe and line it up with there final placement and use a screw to secure the pvc to the large pipe.

-mark the bottom of the pvc and drill a hole for the pin that will hold the rig onto the kayak.

note-sorry about the lack of pictures for this step my phone messed up and corrupted the images from when I did these a few days ago.

Step 8: Attach the Pontoons

-once the pontoons have dried drill a hole for the pvc pipe of the pontoons

-insert the pontoons into the pipe and drill a hole throught the tubes using a drill bit that is suited the the size of bolt you choose to use.

- in the pvc pipe use the drill bit to add a few holes in other hieghts so you can adjust the placement of the pontoon in the water.

-insert the the bolt into the hole and secure it with a nut to secure the pontoon.

Step 9: Have Fun

-As you can see it works good even my usually skeptical dad even gave it a try.

-The unit very easy to set up and can easily be taken down and stored.

Step 10: Thanks for Checking My Project Out

If you like my project please let me know and help me out in the water contest .

-also sorry about my lack of exact sizes since this was meant to be a how to / basic guide and inspiration for anyone who has been wanting to make something like this for your kayak.

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