Introduction: Portable Nintendo Switch

This is a Nintendo Switch for when you are using this anywhere, from the car to a boat or just in school. This is made out of a combination of plastic, wood, and glue.


Make sure to have enough wood, but cut into small enough pieces so that it can fit in the laser cutter. Make sure to use programs that work with both a 3-D printer and a laser cutter, such as Onshape. Get a relative idea, and it is best to have a Nintendo Switch so you can get exact measurements. This is a project that you definitely want to spend some time thinking on because this will take a lot of planning to do right.

Step 1: Make Basic Designs

Make sure that as you make your basic designs, that you use careful design intent to figure out the orientation of the levels of wood and plastic and glue. Make sure to make your measurements exactly right next to each other because the laser cutter will cut a little extra off, and the 3-D printer will add more extra on to it. Make rough sketches, but clear enough so that you can tell what dimensions are being used.

Step 2: Create Your Design on Onshape.

Next, after getting your full designs made, try and put together a very basic creation on Onshape, and then I would slowly add more and more detail to it.

Here is a link if you want to see what I did.

Step 3: Export the Files to a Laser Cutter and a 3-D Printer.

This is a complex step, but all you have to do is just export the file to whatever type the laser printer or 3-D printer requires and then either print it or cut it. Here is a image of reference when you are making the wooden back plate, I engraved this with the laser cutter.

Step 4: Construct Your Overall Part.

Gather all your parts, including the 3-D printed parts and the laser cut parts. Make sure to grab glue. For this project I used wood glue, as it adhered to both the plastic and the wood. Also, be sure to sand the items so they fit snugly together, and the goal is to get parts together without even using glue.

Step 5: Test Out the Product.

If your product works, the Switch should fit nice and firm inside the entire structure. This is what mine looked like without the object.

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