Introduction: Portable PVC Backyard Rotisserie

This PVC rotisserie is an easy way to improve your grilling or open fire cooking experience. This particular rotisserie is best for smaller outdoor culinary projects, a kabob or other form of cubed meat or small animal would work great. This rotisserie is adjustable, collapsable, and portable. Making it great for a backyard fire or camping trip. This quick project took only one afternoon of construction after the materials were collected.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this project you will need: (All Measurements In Inches)


5: PVC Pipes 20 x 1/2 Ø

2: 90 Degree Fitting 1 3/4 x 1/2 Ø

4: T-Fitting 2 1/2 x 1 3/4 x 1/2 Ø

1: Wood Rectangle 1 x 5 x 1/4

1: Wood Cylinder 1 x 3 1/3 Ø

1: Steel Rod 36 x 3/16 Ø

1: Wood Screw

2: Bolts 3/16 Ø

2: Nuts 3/16 Ø


Power Drill (3/16 drill bit)

Tape Measure

Hand Saw


Step 2: Cutting Your PVC

Take 4 of your PVC Pipes and measure out a length of 20 inches from the edge and mark it. On the 5th pipe mark it in the middle or a length of 12 inch from the edge. Then cut along your marks creating 4 pipes that are 20 inches long 2 pipes that are 12 inches long and 4 that are 4 inches long. Put the 12 inch pipes off to the side for now.

Step 3: Base/Legs

Take your four 20 inch pipes and attach the T-joint fitting to one end of each pipe. If you need more force you can use a mallet to hammer on the T-joints.

Step 4: Setting the Base

Take the four legs and put them into the 90 degree fitting. Make sure the T-joints are perpendicular to the 90 degree fitting. That will help the base stand up and be sturdy. If you want you can add the four pieces of scrap PVC into the T-joints as leg extensions, it will make the base sturdier.

Step 5: Drilling Holes

Mark a 3/16 Ø hole in the center of the 90 degree joint. Then drill through the hole entirely. This will hold either the spit itself or the bolts for the adjustability rack.

Step 6: Crank and Spit

Measure out the cylinder of wood and cut it and sand it till smooth. Then take, cut and measure your rectangle as needed. Once the rectangle is the right dimensions cut a hole through the wood at one end. Then take a screw and drill it through a rectangle and into the cylinder on the other end. Then take your L-shaped crank and put the Spit/(Metal rod) through the hole so that it is going out the opposite side from the cylinder. If it is not tight enough put some heat resistant super glue in the hole.

Step 7: Adjustability Rack

Take the 12" PVC pipes you have set aside and mark them with marks for 3/16" holes make the first hole 1 1/2" from the end of the pipe. Then one every 2" from the previous mark. Drill the hole all the way through at each mark. Then take the 3/16" bolt and nut and put it through one of the holes and through the hole in the base. Then tighten the bolt

Step 8: Finished Product

After following the previous steps you now have your finished rotisserie. It is up to you and your needs as to where you put the spit in the adjustability rack, and as advertised you can break down the components of the rotisserie so that you can take you with them on any trip or occasion you want. I just so happened to have a mesh sack to fit the parts into. Thank you for reading.