Introduction: Portable Standing Laptop Desk

I needed a stand for my laptop that I could use while standing, but also fold up and carry with me to on-location jobs.  

This is made from a folding TV table and a Ridgid Flip Top Portable Work Support.  

I took the top off the TV table; the legs were attached to the table with the 3 small boards visible on the laptop stand.  I removed those from the bottom, brought them to the top (the finished side) and used the same original screw holes to attach them.  They hold the laptop securely in place even if I accidentally bump the stand.

I screwed the table's top onto the Ridgid stand, at an angle that supported the laptop's weight well when it was in place.  

I moved the support pin, underside, and drilled a new hole so that the desk surface would angle well for using a laptop.  

All in all this took about half an hour and $40 or so of supplies, and it's an adjustable, standing or sitting, folding laptop desk.