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         Let me start of by asking you a question. Do you have a certain fondness for board games or perhaps portal? If you said yes then you should make this Set of Companion Cube Dice!  This can be made as a gift, collectors item and decorative item.

(Not responsible for deaths by turrets, GlaDOS, Lasers, while Spikes, or anything of the killing nature  using these dice.)

Step 1: Materials Needed and Printing

     Your almost on your way to having your own set of amazing dice. You will need a few materials to do this though, here is a list of the items you will need to acquire.
  • A 3D printer of your choice, Makerbots, UPs, and other printers work well. (Using a well up to date model gives you a much better print.) If you are extremely fancy you could convert this file over to an IGES and CNC it instead! (CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled, this is usually done out of metal.
  • Plastic for the printer is also required. (Can't make this out of thin air!)
  • The STL file that I have provided for you below. This contains the information the printer needs for the actual build of the companion cube dice. 

Step 2: Clean-up and Texturing

    Sometimes you need to clean up the extruded dice depending on how accurate your 3D printer is.


A nice sanding job can make your dice look like they just came from the factory. You can sand it any way you like just remember though that if you sand the faces with too much force you could destroy the look of the dice.


Once you have finished the sanding process make sure you get all of the dust created from that process off of the dice before continuing onto this stage. You can paint a layer onto the dice so that you get a some of the holes out of the way, then you can paint it however you want! 

Step 3: Information

                 Here's all the information you will need to know about your amazing set of dice you just printed!
  • Remember that the heart represents a one! 
  • All faces of the cube are marked with dots to indicate their number.

                Make sure if you do this you leave me a picture in the comments!
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