Introduction: Post-apocalyptic or Emergency Glasses

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So the Apocalypse is upon us. An in the hustle and bustle of anything from evacuations to saving someones pets from a crumbling have broken your glasses. Now the world is a blur and you can not see more than a few feet if that in front of you and needless to say lenscrafters will not be opening any time soon. With these you will be able to see decently and keep your eyes protected.

The results are something you can make to keep in your car (though I do NOT....WHAT... SO... EVER suggest using them to drive) or say in a big out bag just in case

What you will need

  • Scissors
  • thick card stock
  • black permanent marker(optional)
  • Thumbtack
  • Goggles

Step 1: Fitting the Paper to the Lenses

Using your scissors cut the card stock (in my case a flier left in my door) in to two bigger then your goggle lenses squares. Now to shape one of the squares to fit the goggles lenses. If you press it against the outside of the glasses rim it should allow you to gauge of how to trim it to fit. Once you get the first piece to fit use it as a stencil to make the other.No light should be coming in when you put the goggles on at this point. Now you can now use your marker to color the side that will be facing outward.

Step 2: Making the Holes

I can not explain the science behind it but I so know seeing through a pin hole can adjust your vision quite a bit if you are near sided. Now looking through just a pin prick can leave you very with very limited vision. so through some experimentation I found you can see a whole lot more with a whole lot of holes. Granted while focusing on a few holes at a time.

Take out the card stock and your thumb tack and punch rows of holes in them. Being careful not to make them to big or run into each other and that you punch on the side you will be looking through. Put them in and try them on occasionally to see if you need more holes and where if you can not focus at all make them a little bigger by wiggling the thumbtack slightly while still in the hole.

Remember where ever the holes are will be your range of vision.

Step 3: Try Them On.

If you need more holes add them, Try them on adjust accordingly and enjoy.