Introduction: Potato Bags From Recycled Plastics

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The fad racing across The UK is a polyethelyne fiber bag for growing flowers, potatoes, and herbs.   As with the Yankee intuition and insane curiosity I manifest at times.   Instead of paying $12.99 and trying to figure out shipping charges an electric zap hits me.  The same recycled plastic fiber is used in green shopping bags.  Having a few laying around the house, I got  to work…  Some dirt, moss, seed potatoes and the bags clocking in about a whole dollar per planted bag.  I suddenly saw green in blue.   Walmart bags at 50 cents each, add Mel’s mix, and seed potatoes at $2 for 6, frugallity hit reality.    I could actually do this. 

Step 1: Assemble the Materials

The Mix

1/4 vermiculite

1/4 peat moss

1/4 compost (from as many sources as possible)

1 / 4 Fertilizer and potting soil mix

 Bags recyclable shopping bags .50 cents

Seed Potatoes

Water to moisten mix

Step 2: Prepare the Bags

Pack 2 inches of mix into rolled bag and moisten with water.

Step 3: Add Potatoes

Add Seed potatoes and cover with 2-3 inches of mix, moisten with water.
Potatoes well covered can handle a light freeze.  in Zone 3a-4b start them April 1st.  Harvest in Late September or early October 

Step 4: Grow Spuds

As the plant grows unroll bag and add more mix.  Water occasionally do not let dry out.  Keep in full sun.  Harvest 4 weeks after flowers die or at the the first frost.  To Harvest roll bag on the side and pour out.  This is my entry for the Gardening Contest.

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