Introduction: Potato Chips With Skin

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This is simple recipe for the potato chips but it is unique because it have potato skin on the chips which gives it a crunchy and better taste to eat also by using this method they start to become pocket for hot air inside them making them look like balloon which make them fully frayed from outside and inside,skin on the potato also help to digest the potato easily and it taste better.






Step 1: Making Potato Slices

Cut the potato in thick slices and be sure not to let the potato skin cut from any slice because it will help make it puffy

Step 2: Frying the Potato

Place all the slices in the frying oil on high flame and them put it on medium flame and keep rotating them until they becomes golden brown

Step 3: Taking Them Out

Take them out on the kitchen towel so the towel soaks it oil let them in air for 10 minutes when they become room temperature then serve it with ketchup and mayonnaise it will taste very good.

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