Introduction: Potato Corks and Stoppers

Have you ever lost a cork or cap and had nothing to seal your bottle with? Learn to make potato corks. Using an old piece of pvc pipe you can easily make a potato cork to replace that lost cap. Potatoes are a common household item so you'll always have a backup plan just in case your cap or cork disappears!

Step 1: Supplies

Before you begin gather these supplies. Find a potato, craft/ hobby knife, rasp, and a 4-6" piece of 1" pipe. 

Step 2: Bevel the Edge of the Pipe

First, you need to bevel the edge of the pipe. Hold the pipe at a 45° angle to the rasp and swipe with consistent strokes. Continue, turning the pipe constantly, until a nice sharp bevel edge appears on the end of the pipe. If you need to, you can file any burrs with an emery board. 

Step 3: Cut the Potato

Next, it is time to insert the pipe. At one end of the potato press the bevel edged pipe. Turn the pipe and allow it to grind into the potato about an inch. Once it is in an inch pull it out of the potato. You should now have a circle cut at one end of the potato. Next, using the craft/hobby knife, cut 3-4 rings on the sides of the potato down to 1".

Step 4: Unveil the Cork

The next step is to remove the rings and cut your cork off the potato. If you cut consistent and straight rings, they should slide off the potato easily. If your rings don't slide off smoothly, cut more rings in the side of the potato. Pull off all the rings until your cork is unveiled. Lastly, take your craft/hobby knife and cut the cork off the potato.

Step 5: Pop on Your Bottle and Enjoy

You are finished. Pop your potato cork onto your capless or corkless bottle. It should fit tightly and seal the bottle. Now that you know how to make the 1" cork, you can try using other sized pipes to make different sized corks for bottles. Enjoy!